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Do classic cars rev your engine?

Compared to a new sports car, a classic is a bargain! When you buy the right car — taking care of it can be a lot of fun for not much money. Hop in! We have sports cars, parts, tips, events and more. Check out some of these classic cars for sale right now.

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Vehicles for Sale

AutoSPCA features numerous classic vehicles for sale, mostly road ready for your driving and owning liesure, and others where restoration is required but great projects for enthusiests and handy guys eager to tackle a project. Check some out!

1972-Honda-CB450 Motorcycle

Cars - Restorations

While we take extraordinary pride in the vehicles purchased ready to go and show, we will often allow vehicles to be sold pre-restoration for interested enthusiests. Have a look!

Misc. For Sale

Being in the market also exposes us to other available products to bring to your attention such as motorcycles, trailers, boats and more. Have a look...

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Vehicle Parts: more...

We have a broad assortment of parts available for the cars we stock as well as for vehicles do not currently own. Some hard-to-find parts and stock accesories are available here. Have a look at our current parts inventory