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What is the Auto SPCA?

For those who love cars.

How we hang - with our grandkids in the Jaguar
Why are we so intoxicated with Ferrari and the high end cars? It’s all well and good if you have that kind of money but the fact is that there are few bargains these days at the top end. I love seeing all kinds of classic cars on the road. And most of the collectors I know feel the same way.

The TVR - a rare british gem.

If you buy a car that is mostly presentable or one that needs maybe a few things, you could be embarking on a lot of fun for not a lot of money. In addition, some of these classics I’m going to recommend are practical enough to drive to work, run errands and make a decent appearance at your local Cars & Coffee, while appreciating in value.

I especially like presentable cars that are unrestored, and which show just enough patina and careful use for you not to be afraid to take it anywhere. And the simpler it is mechanically, the more likely for you to develop some repair and maintenance skills on the car which is excellent for further exploration of the hobby.